I ALWAYS USE MY FAVOURITE NEEDLE….. It is not a crime to use your favourite type of needle. However you should never keep reusing the same favourite needle over and over again. Needles wear out and to keep using the same needle repeatedly on a project or a number of projects is criminal!

Needles do get damaged during application and constantly being inserted into fabric does eventually cause the point to become not as sharp and quite often the point becomes almost blunt. Imagine sewing a very expensive piece of fine fabric with a needle that you have already used in previous projects – you may have already totalled hundreds of hours of stitching with the same original needle! I think the needle would not be very happy and what about the expensive piece of fine fabric.

Even a slightly blunt needle will slow down your rate of stitching, the needle will be difficult to insert into the fabric and may even snag the fibres of the fabric during stitching.

Nickel plating protects the needle from rusting immediately however eventually your needle will rust or at least it will show the first signs of turning rusty and this is due to perspiration and even moisture in the air.

How many of you store your needle in the corner of your fabric?

How many of you have experienced when you have removed the needle from the corner of your fabric you see a small orange ring on the fabric around the area where the needle was inserted. Well – this is the first sign that your needle has started to turn rusty.

The secret to happy stitching is to keep changing your needles and certainly use a new needle for a new project. If you buy a needlepoint kit purchase an additional pack of needles – do not use the one and only needle supplied in the kit – change your needle regardless of the length of time it takes to complete the kit.


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